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    The Precog Pulse: Weaving Passion into Purpose

    I have taken too long to write this blog, not because of writer’s block or procrastination, but probably because eventually penning this blog would signify a certain finality in my journey with Precog. And if you are a member of Precog, you never want this journey to end 🙂 My journey with Precog hasn’t been the most traditional in many senses. I started as a part-time research intern with Precog in early 2020 while pursuing my BTech in Delhi. A pandemic, multiple courses, a Masters thesis with Precog and countless memories later, I have recently started my PhD at TU Darmstadt and the University of Copenhagen. When I first started…

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    Conversations with “PK”!!

    Over the years, I have read many blogs of students who crossed paths with PK. I have read students express their gratitude, the joy of being in one of the finest research labs, surrounded by the finest students, and how much they appreciate it. What is mind-boggling is the way the students always come back, make time to visit the current students, exchange memories, and catch up in different nations. It’s almost like an extended family at this point! It’s safe to say it’s not just a lab but an emotion. With every blog I had ever read, I wondered how I would describe my journey. And finally, the day…

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    From Observer to Contributor: My Evolution with Precog

    I had the privilege of being associated with Precog for a good one and a half years, which I can honestly say was one of my fondest memories in college. As I craft this blog, I’m pursuing my graduate studies at the University of Toronto. When I joined IIIT Hyderabad in 2019, my primary goal was to explore and try out different things as much as possible. Throughout my undergraduate journey, I am happy to say that I was able to fulfill that goal to my satisfaction. Though I had heard about PK and Precog briefly during my freshman year, it was mainly in December 2020 when Precog caught my…

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    Reflections & Lessons from a Year at Precog

    Hey! I’m Ashwin, formerly a research associate at Precog from July 2021 – August 2022, and currently pursuing my MSc. in Intelligent Interactive Systems at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), Barcelona. This blog contains both my reflections and gratitude for everything I’ve learnt from PK & Precog.  From Beginnings to Crossroads: Undergraduate Days at IIIT Delhi My interactions with PK as early as August 2019 during my third year at IIIT Delhi when he was teaching a course on Designing Human Centered Systems (DHCS). Little did I know sitting in that classroom that it would be the start of a special journey that would go on to have a profound impact…

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    A Week in the Life of a Precogger

    I was drawn to PreCog because its strive to create a positive social impact was at the core of all the work it was involved in. Professor PK’s infectious energy and passion for the lab won me over during these introduction meets and I was eager to join the driven team and be part of meaningful work. I’m Pooja Desur. I recently graduated with Honours from the undergraduate Computer Science Engineering Program at IIIT Hyderabad in April 2023. This coming fall, I’m excited to be joining the Graduate Data Science program at Columbia University in New York City! I was recruited as an Honours student into PreCog at the end…

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    Unforgettable Lessons: My Remarkable Journey with PreCog

    Hi, my name is Mehul Mathur and this is a short narrative about my two-year escapade as a research student in PreCog. I will be starting my employed life with Endowus Hyderabad (SDE) soon as I say goodbye to IIIT-Hyderabad as a Computer Science graduate. With further hopes and ambitions for grad schools in the future, I carry the memories of some of the craziest, transformative, fun, and even humbling experiences I had in my undergrad life with PreCog and it’s culture and highlight some of them in this blog. About Me and How I Found Precog Once you enter IIIT-H you soon realize that there is no escaping the…

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    Precog: A Memoir of Growth and Discovery

    Cheers to my fantastic experience, and best of luck finding your path!! The End This beginning might have been weird but don’t fret, as it was the ending. Yes, you did read that right, this blog will be in the reverse chronological timeline, so you must wait till the end if you want to know who I am (unless you already haven’t scrolled till the end to see my name). Where Am I Now? When writing this, I am a recent graduate from IIIT Hyderabad, sitting in my room at home, staring at my laptop, and yes, I don’t have a 60-inch LED Monitor Setup with a custom keyboard. Just…

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    A Precogger’s Epilogue

    I’m Aakash Aanegola, a violinist, amateur basketball player, gym rat, and Lego enthusiast. I’ll be joining Goldman Sachs, SLC this summer and I hope to pursue a Master’s degree in Computer Science soon. With my IIIT Hyderabad chapter closing, I find myself writing this blog to push you towards PreCog (not in a shameless fashion) and to impart my insights from my three semesters with the lab. I’m sure you’re well versed with the ‘PreCog culture’ and its inner mechanisms from other blogs or word of mouth, so I’ll keep my recount personal and crisp.  Here are my two cents 🙂 As soon as you step foot on IIIT soil,…

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    Precog Thrills: My Epic Ride with an Amazing Academic Crew!

    Hey, I’m Amul Agrawal, a B.Tech CS graduate from IIIT Hyderabad’s batch of 2023. Currently, I am working as an SDE at Uber. My college life was an unforgettable experience, filled with many lifelong friends. Throughout my college life, I passionately engaged in two distinct but equally fulfilling pursuits: research and competitive programming (CP). While I was initially drawn to CP due to my fascination with logical problem-solving, I quickly excelled in it and was lucky enough to lead the Programming Club and represent my college at the ICPC World Finals. However, I had limited experience with research and was unsure about its appeal to me. Despite this, I decided…

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    A Fascinating Journey with Precog

    By the end of my first year, I knew that I wanted to pursue a Masters from a prestigious university like CMU. This meant I needed to build a stellar profile with adequate research experience and strong recommendation letters to have a chance at achieving such a goal. Thus began my research into the various labs and professors of IIIT and this is when I came across Precog. I had heard great things about PK from my seniors at Precog like how he not only looked after your research progress but also concerned himself with your personal growth and development. Moreover, Precog provided a unique opportunity to work on academic…

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