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    Precog Diaries – A Roller Coaster Ride

    It all began with a mail from PK in November 2014, commending my performance in his courses (CSE 545: Foundations of Computer Security and CSE 51SP: Internet Security and Privacy). It always feels great when a professor pats your back and even more when he offers you to join his research group! Precog is a different place altogether in IIIT Delhi, its not just a Research Lab, it is a “dojo of learning”. Randy Pausch once said “… experience is often the most valuable thing you have to offer …”. I was fortunate enough to spend 18 months here and I believe it has been an extremely rewarding experience. The…

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    Funfilled and Rich Experience @ Precog

    When I started my journey with Precog, I did not had an idea about the fun-filled work culture, cool and real world implicated projects and work done here will motivate me so much. It was just a year back when we came up with this idea of exploring how images that can create law and order situations spread on social media. I was highly moved that how a single image can spread so easily, gets viral exponentially, reaching new set of people minute by minute, instigating anger resentment, and fanning violence eventually. WOW! All Happened Without Even a Word!!! And then I said to myself here is a problem that…

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