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    Magic of Appreciating Words: DHCS experience

    It was that time of the year again when all students were supposed to register for courses for the approaching semester. Like everyone, I was confused and in a fix about what course to opt for. I wanted to explore and was looking for interesting courses then. I came across “Designing Human Centered Interfaces” course offered by Dr. PK. Everyone in IIIT knows Dr. PK is one of the coolest professors and nobody ever regrets taking his course because he is quite flexible and has bunch of engaging activities. Also, I had heard about this course before and decided to go for it. I never knew this course would contribute…

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    I have been Precog-ed: Part 3

    Hi! A big thank you for landing here. I don’t blog often; when I do, it feels great that someone else took out time to read it and hopefully take away a few things from it as well. If you know me already, you might have read Part 1 and 2 of my journey. If not, take out a few more minutes and read them first. You will be able to connect the dots much better, I promise! From the work I did with Prof. Kristina Lerman at University of Southern California in summer 2015, we ended up writing a research paper. After many hours put in, more than a…

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    Precog @IIITD — my journey and the people

    A journey is best measured in friends! Of course we are doing some breath taking work! Of course I highly recommend everyone to apply for open positions here! But I won’t talk about the work (everyone else already is). I will talk about what really makes Precog — the people@Precog. Outsiders see it as a group, insiders see it as a family In my second semester I had taken up a course in Probability and Statistics under Prof. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru “PK”. This is how I got introduced to Precog and PK. It was 2013, at that time I was trying to figure out my niche as a CS major . I was…

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    From Brick Walls to Ladders – My Experience with PK

    As an undergraduate student there’s always that point when you say to yourself, “it’s time to get your act together and figure out what you want”. For me, it was working on Human-Computer Interaction. If you’re familiar with Randy Pausch, you’d understand when I say Dr. PK was the metaphorical brick wall in the way of that simple desire. In his earlier courses, he was just the cool professor. In Designing Human Centred Systems however, he was the person that would help me prove myself. Like his other courses, DHCS too was light and engaging in terms of lectures, but unlike the others one needs to invest a lot of…

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