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    Un été français enrichissante (An enriching French summer)

    I spent the summer of 2015 at Inria, Sophia Antipolis. Last semester while I was interning at EMC corporation in Bangalore, I was trying to finalise my summer plans and was actively looking for interesting opportunities. I got an acceptance from Inria, GSOC among others. I was confused as to which opportunity to pick. I remember having a long conversation with Prof. PK from Bangalore, he advised me to go for Inria over the rest. At that time, I couldn’t perceive that a sublime summer was awaiting me. I was going to work as a part of the Project Inde team under the guidance of Dr. Tamara Rezk. All the…

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    My experience interning at Precog

    This summer I found myself at the Precog, part of Cybersecurity Education and Research Centre at IIIT D working on really cool things with amazing people. I’d come to know about this opportunity through Raghav who also interned here couple of summers back so I was really excited to start. Looking back, I can honestly say it was a great use of my time and I learnt a lot. Aside from being exposed to new technologies, I also got a taste of research. Attending the weekly WU (whatsup) sessions and hearing about the research the PhD students were doing and how they were doing it gave me a good insight…

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