My experience interning at Precog

This summer I found myself at the Precog, part of Cybersecurity Education and Research Centre at IIIT D working on really cool things with amazing people. I’d come to know about this opportunity through Raghav who also interned here couple of summers back so I was really excited to start. Looking back, I can honestly say it was a great use of my time and I learnt a lot. Aside from being exposed to new technologies, I also got a taste of research. Attending the weekly WU (whatsup) sessions and hearing about the research the PhD students were doing and how they were doing it gave me a good insight on what research really looks like. I’ll rely on this insight when I’m deciding between going to industry or to grad school.

I had a great team of really smart people all of whom were eager to help and share knowledge, which helped build a great atmosphere of learning at Precog. My takeaway on Precog is that it is a group of really talented people working on coming up with solutions to really interesting (and important) problems.

Aside from the work we also had several team dinners and outings which were fun. I was also given a surprise on my last day of work which included cake and an opportunity to talk to everyone and reflect on my summer.

I’m glad I got to be a part of Precog this summer and am thankful to PK for giving me this opportunity and to all my friends at IIIT D for making it a great summer.

Manik, Sophomore@CMU

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