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    Made in Precog

    Hi there, Welcome to my blog! This one is going to be detailed, so let me give you an overview of what I plan to talk about. I will introduce myself, tell you the story of my life, how Precog fits into the picture, and it’s role in making me who I am today. As an incentive for you to read, I will try to summarize what I learnt along the way, and give you some tips 🙂 Who is Daksh Shah anyway? I am a really enthusiastic kid who is super passionate about computers and finance. I recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree from IIITD (in 2021). I am…

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    My GSoC experience with VLC (macOS Interface Redesign)

    Earlier this summer I got selected in Google Summer of Code to work with VideoLAN on the Project VLC macOS Interface Redesign. It has been a blessing to get a chance to work on one of the highest impact open source projects. I had a phenomenal experience. Let’s have a look at my contributions 🙂 You can have a look at my GSoC Project Page and Proposal Feel free to jump right to the code Our Team Jean-Baptiste Kempf (President of VideoLAN) Felix Paul Kühne (Mentor) David Fuhrmann (Mentor Vibhoothi (Student at Amrita University) Daksh Shah (Me, Student at IIITD) Left to Right: Vibhoothi, Daksh(Me), Jean-Baptiste, Felix, David Workflow Let’s start by looking at our workflow…

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