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PK: A ‘guru’ to remember!

At the beginning of my fourth year, I was just a student looking to finish my course credits. Little did I know that I would be picking the most different and interesting course all by pure chance. PK sir had sent an email regarding his privacy and security course and I thought it was intriguing. I applied for the course and to my surprise, the structure was different from every other course I have ever taken. He was always super passionate about his work and that bled into the way he taught as well. PK not only makes content interesting and fun but also forms real connections with students.

Multiple presentations, engaging class discussions and a completely do-it-on-your-own-terms project (which was sometimes frustrating but ultimately more rewarding in terms of picking the topic) led me to interact more than I ever had with the material and the instructor.

At the PSOSM poster presentation

I really identified with my project and put a lot of work into it, which paid off in both people’s interest during the poster presentation which is another innovative idea by PK sir to engage the entire campus in the course material.

I had the opportunity to assist PK in a privacy and security training session at BVRIT. Along with some other PSOSM students, I helped to teach around thirty students the basics of the course. It was an eye opening experience and was also a lot of fun. I got to interact with so many of my peers and it’s all thanks to PK.

With a larger class in Big Data Policing (BDP) and a similar structure to PSOSM, I had more opportunities to work with my classmates and absorb more from the multiple guest lectures interspersed with PKs interactive lectures.

Ayush, Shravya, Yash and I at the BDP Poster Presentation

All in all, I would say that my experience with PK was one of the most rewarding interactions with any professor that I have ever had. I really enjoyed the times I worked with him and would definitely look forward to doing so again.

One thing I will definitely remember is the day before I finally left IIITH, we had a meeting at his office where he shared some advice and some inspiration for life after college. It really drove home how much PK cares for every single one of his students. From the bottom of my heart, PK, thank you.

PK, Devansh, Dheeraj, Kanay, Soumya and I at our farewell

I sincerely hope life brings us together and we meet again!

Lots of love and positive vibes until we meet again!

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