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A Epistle open letter to Precog, PK & RK

Dear Precog,PK & RK,

Because we together had written lines and lines on Latex, so now its high time to revise, relive and revive something ‘unread’ between those lines. Hold a cup of coffee and have a flashback 😉

So Let me start with day zero when I got the first glance of your presence, it was one fine afternoon while exploring things around Higher studies and research opportunities I came across NPTEL Course – Privacy and Security in Online Social Media, which was obviously fascinating for me because I am a person who likes to live one life on planet Called Social Media. After getting in to course my POV about social media started changing, It was watching another side of coin named Social Media. I learned tools, techniques and much more insight about social media which more real, much relevant with many directions to think about. So our first ‘Virtual’ interaction ignited wish to get a chance to work with you and under you.

Well, in parallel to this course, I got admission in MTech – Information security & Management at Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women and I think it was destined to come close one more step to you, I met with Rishabh Sir (pursuing Ph.D. with PK as advisor), Prof in IGDTUW IT Dept – who has admirable style of teaching and linking real-life problems on board for example linking graph data structure to social media network, and always promote us to come up with new PROBLEMS. Here my connection with you gets stronger as Rishabh sir came from same research roots of Precog family. One year passed and during this one year, we attended many events and workshops organised by Precog.

Research Symposium 2017

Meanwhile, we were attending different event organised by Precog @IIITD, the first year of masters was about to complete. I was aware that it was the right time to choose the realm of the dissertation. That time Rishabh sir guided us to attend Privacy and security in Social Media Summer school @IIITH. I attended it and what I learned was eye-opener and interest builder or in better words, Now I was clear what will be my dissertation domain. (my summer school experience). Yes, It was a deterministic move of my academic journey and I was happy that I took it up. Before going to Summer school we met up with PK in IIITD for short catch up and pitching our ideas around social media. PK gave us some small tasks to build up our skill set to move ahead in the same realm. After coming back from summer, I talked with Rishabh sir about my ‘WISH’ to work with Precog and PK, so Rishabh sir agreed upon to co-advised me with PK. Then the next day this happened –


The most awaited mail from PK

Seriously, it was #WOW Moment for me. Oh yes, I was the first student from IGDTUW to be guided by PK + RK Together.😊

So my thesis saga starts now, I met with PK along with Rishabh sir, we discussed The #Cool_idea to work upon, which was “Automated methods to collect Linked Identity across Online Social Media” in which we have to figure out methods by which we can collect one user identity over cross social media platforms. It was the first episode of interaction with PK as an advisor. He was very much enthusiastic to listen to me as well as to tell me what can be done to make it better.

Thenceforward, I used to go to meet PK on every Friday for rest of 8-9 months. Whenever I came up with something new like one of the methods called ‘google dorking’ to solve our problem statement, PK showed his eagerness to learn about it, to go in depth which made me excited to do even better. I learned how to work together because research is not limited to oneself only, it’s for everyone. Here my Special thanks to Indira and Sonu, discussion with them made things easy and more clear. I loved brainstorming session with other precogers as well. Everyone’s problem is everyone’s problem and they used to show off a cool spirit to solve it together with tools of wisdom and creativity. Now Friday excitement reason had changed, I started to wait for Friday but not because of the weekend but because of that Meeting, that discussion. Although It was not bounded only to Friday, I was free to go there to share, to ask for help, to ask for guidance across Precog Group members plus PK.

One of the best parts of Thesis saga memories is Metro ride towards IIITD with Rishabh Sir, with whom metro travel of 60 minutes had become the best time to discuss things inclusive of social media happenings. It was fun. Here, I would like to underline guidance style of Rishabh sir. What makes is special is His dedication for us, His every weekly update, His time-management style. He never ever forced any methodology on me to follow, we used to discuss with equal weighting of ideas. His only motive was bringing best out of us. I can say it with great proud that I was guided by Best faculty of IGDTUW 😊

Hey, what happened? Am I writing too long that your hot coffee will turn out cold coffee .. hahaha – Need not to worry, Because its time to mention unforgettable energetic WU Sessions in Precog, In which we used to tell every precog buddy about what we had once in last week or so. I do remember PK called to share my Smart India Hackathon experience with all. So we can say our bond was not limited only up to dissertation, it was beyond that. In nutshell, One can feel it was bond up to eternal and collaborative learning.

Under PK and Rishabh sir, I got the opportunity to grow myself. Best example could be In 2017, I was an audience in the Research Symposium and in Research Symposium 2018, I presented my poster.

Poster presentation @Research symposium 2018 @IIITD

Oh well, about this poster- it was sub-part or discovery within my dissertation problem statement in which we figured out one privacy leakage in Twitter-Instagram cross sharing mechanism. I can’t forget how much excitement we all were to work on this and publish its POC.

After completion of work and getting results, Precogers helped me in the write up as well by giving their valuable inputs which made final D-Day to come i.e. 12th July 2018 – My Defense day (Although I wanted PK to be present in-person on that day but he couldn’t as, but digitally he was with me).

Right Now, I am working as Software developer in Oracle (Bengaluru), but wherever I will be What I learned with you will be with me always deep in the heart 💗

At last, Credits for this Gold Medal from IGDTUW to Precog, PK & RK where credits will always be due because Instead of leading me by holding my hands, you asked me to walk ahead while you caringly observed from behind. –

Received Gold Medal @ IGTDUW convocation 2018

Nothing can come close to the inspirational presence of a guide like you in a student’s journey. You have no idea how important a role you play in shaping for a student, a brilliant destiny. Creativity, imagination, and originality – the things you have cultivated in me are not quantifiable or measurable right now. But I am sure that their contribution in my life will be way more than just measurable.

Happy us 😉

So while you were stirring sugar in your coffee cup with this letter, I re-added syrupiest memories from the bowl of student life in the current moment, by sketching this letter to you. As said ‘A lot can happen a cup of Coffee”, and likewise this letter said A Lot. I would love to live all these moments in the blink of an eye again and again! Kudos 🙏 _/\_ 🙏