Our presence and experiences at Research Showcase @ IIIT-Delhi

As part of the IIIT-Delhi tradition of showcasing research done at the institute, a Research Showcase (RS) is held every year in the Spring semester. This year RS’12 was held on March 23 & 24. The following four posters from the group were showcased this year:

PhishAri by Anupama Aggarwal and Ashwin Rajadesingan (Research category)

– Privacy in Open Government Data by Swetank Kumar Saha, Daksha Yadav, Sudip Mittal and Mayank Gupta (Research category). Stay tuned for more information on this work!

W.Y.S.W.Y.E: Secure Authentication in Front of Prying Eyes by Rohit Khot, Ponnurangam Kumaraguru and Kannan Srinathan (Research category)

– TrustGuru by Komal Sachdeva and Claudio Marforio. Stay tuned for more information on this work!

The poster from our group, ‘Privacy in Open Government Data’ was judged as the best poster in the research category by reviewers. Congrats to Swetank, Daksha, Sudip, and Mayank. They won Google T-shirts, Microsoft caps, and INR 5,000 as prize money!

Anupama, Komal, Mayank, Rohit, and Swetank did a fabulous job in attracting visitors to their poster! Congrats to all members of the group who participated and encouraged us at the RS’12.

In addition to these posters which are part of the work done by the students in the group, we also had Prachi Jain, our member, present a poster that was done as part of her course work.

I also attended both the invited talks, one by Natwar Modani from IRL and the other one by Prasad Naldurg from Microsoft Research India. Natwar discussed community detection, social network analysis in mobile Call Detail Records (CDR). Prasad covered Zero Day Vulnerabilities, JavaScript attacks, and how to discover new vulnerabilities. I found a couple of commonalities in both the talks: (1) research output from both talks presented are now part of the product / services in real-world, which was very cool to know; I strongly believe that this is one of the key ways to measure success of one’s research; (2) both the speakers did not speak (understandably!!!) about details of the data, demographics, and current status, anything more than what was already stated in the papers.

The quality of the posters have definitely increased from RS’11. Students seemed to be more prepared, posters were well designed and there was a lot of energy and enthusiasm among students. Thanks to the student organizers of the RS’12 for putting up such a great show!

I look forward forRS’13!!!!

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