Privacy and Security in Online Social Media (PSOSM)
Prof. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru "PK"

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Week 1 (Social Network Analysis)
Introduction to the course
Social Network Analysis 101
Social Media Implications in Real Life
Network Metrics
Research Projects
Week 2 (Data Collection)
Data Collection
Tutorial: Twitter API
Tutorial: Twitter Search - Getting Historical Tweets
Tutorial: Twitter Stream - Getting Live Tweets
Tutorial: Twitter Other Endpoint
Tutorial: Reddit Data Collection
Week 3 (NLP for Social Text)
Social Media Text
Social Media Text to Insights
Tutorial: Reading Text, String Manipulation Methods
Tutorial: Text Processing Libraries: NLTK, Spacy
Tutorial: Feature Extraction and Tasks
Week 4 (Fake News)
Introduction to Fake News
Types of Fake News
Concepts related to Fake News
How to spot Fake News
Week 5 (Fake News)
Research Methods- Introduction
Content based Fake News Detection
Misinformation on WhatsApp and Fake News Datasets
Practical Solutions to Combat Fake News
Week 6
Online Social Media and Policing
Privacy in OSM
Identity Resolution
Week 7
Nudges in Social Media
Week 8
Privacy on Social Media
Information disclosure
Personally identifiable information
Week 9
Counducting studies on privacy and social media
Privacy laws
Protecting privacy on social media - Anonymization
Week 10
Ethics in social media research: Studies of concern
Ethics in social media research: Solutions
Bias in social media research
Week 11
Online Discussions on Divisive Topics - Liniguistic Characterisation
Effect of Popularity Shocks and Driving the last mile papers
Graph centrality examples
Week 12
Paper Discussion: Anticipated versus Actual Effects of Platform Design Change: A Case Study of Twitter's Character Limit & Tampering with the Twitter API
What all has been covered in the course