Online Privacy Course
Prof. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru "PK"

Course Structure

Description/Title Slides Annotated Video Supplementary
Week 1
 Online Privacy
 Privacy concepts and studies
 Fair Information Practices

Privacy Indexes: A survey of Westin's Studies

Professor Solove's Taxonomy of Privacy

The OECD Privacy Framework

Pirivacy Online: A report to Congress

Three Concepts of Privacy

Week 2
 Right to Privacy and Contextual Integrity
 Privacy Policy (Part I)
 Privacy Policy (Part II)

The Columbia Science and Technology Law Review

Harvard Law Review: The Right to Privacy

Week 3
 Privacy-based technologies & decision making
 Social Media Privacy
Week 4
 Identity Resolution Privacy Nudges

@I seek ‘’

Other Times, Other Values

Helping Users Control Linkability across Social Networks

Reliability of Profile Matching

Dynamics of Username Changing Behavior

User Identities across Social Networks

Week 5
 Cookies Ethics

Conducting Ethical yet Realistic Usable Security Studies

70 minute user study

Week 6

Foundations of Privacy



Robust De-anonymization of Large Datasets


Week 7
 User Studies [Research Papers]