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News Bugle
This is an RSS aggregator service that gives a live update of news from top sources under different categories. News is an integral part of any person's life. It keeps us updated with the important events taking place around the globe and thereby helps us take informed decisions.

This service aims at bringing news in the form of small snippets of RSS feeds. It collates feeds from various news sources, all of which may not be available under Free Basics. The concise form of RSS feed makes it easy to quickly glance through the top headlines. The feed refresh rate is high, keeping the news timely and relevant.

The service takes user inputs. Any user can suggest more RSS feeds to benefit not only herself but a vast community of other Free Basics users. One can also personalize her feed, based on her own interests, and the service will filter content among various available topics.

Variety of news agencies, brevity and timeliness of content, support for a personalized feed based on user choice and gradual growth in news sources based on user suggestions are the unique features of The News Bugle. We believe that these features sets it apart from other news services available on Free Basics.

For more information on this project, please visit

If you are interested in knowing more or helping us with the research please write to pk [at] iiitd [dot] ac [dot] in

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