is a group of researchers who study, analyze, and build different aspects of social systems (e.g. social web systems like Twitter, Facebook), including their security and privacy. By understanding and measuring complex networks, we try and build solutions for social good. Our work primarily derives from Data Science, Computational Social Science, Social Computing, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing.

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ICML Accepts

July 2024: PK gives a talk on Guardrails, Jailbreak, Alignment problem, RLHF, EU AI Act, Machine & Graph unlearning, Bias, Inconsistency, Probing, Interpretability, Bias with 120+ participants at 8th Summer School of AI at IIITH. | Pics | Slides |

July 2024: PK elected Vice-President of ACM India Council.🎉 | Details |

June 2024: PK visits Pune Institute of Computer Technology for a talk on {graph, machine} unlearning, RLHF, alignment problem, jail breaking, interpretability, bias, and more with 50+ students & faculty. | Pics |

June 2024: Kshitijaa Jaglan successfully defends her Masters thesis "Sampling cohesive communities in unbounded networks." at IIIT Hyderabad. | Thesis | Slides |

June 2024: Shruti Saxena, PhD student from IIT Patna, Anveshan Setu 2024-25 Fellow is visiting IIITH for a month! | Details |

June 2024: Prashant Kodali receives Microsoft Research India PhD Award 2024! | Details |

June 2024: Hitkul Jangra successfully defends his Ph.D. thesis "Modeling Online User Interactions and their Offline Effects on Socio-Technical Platforms " at IIIT Hyderabad. | Thesis | Slides | Video |

June 2024: Kickstarted the ACM India Summer School on Responsible & Safe AI with over 100 enthusiastic participants. Covered topics include Responsible AI, Machine Learning basics, Data Representation, PyTorch, and Training Simple Neural Networks. | Details |

May 2024: “Television Discourse Decoded: Comprehensive Multimodal Analytics at Scale” accepted at KDD 2024. | Paper |

May 2024: “GAME-ON: Graph Attention Network Based Multimodal Fusion For Fake News Detection” accepted at Journal of SNAM. | Paper |

May 2024: Shashwat Goel successfully defends his Masters thesis "New Frontiers for Machine Unlearning" at IIIT Hyderabad. | Slides | Thesis | Video |

May 2024: Meet & Greet with all participants of ACM India Summer School on Responsible & Safe AI at IIT Madras. | Details |

May 2024: Arvindh Arun successfully defends his Masters thesis "Towards Trustworthy Digital Ecosystem: From Fair Representation Learning to Fraud Detection " at IIIT Hyderabad. | Details |

May 2024: Indira Sen successfully defends her Ph.D. thesis "Identifying, Characterizing, and Mitigating Errors in the Automated Measurement of Social Constructs from Text Data" at RWTH Aachen University, Germany | Details |

May 2024: Dr. Shivkumar Kalyanraman (Microsoft) Visits IIITH. | Details|

May 2024: 2 Papers Accepted at #ICML2024! MiMiC & WMDP Benchmark.| Details |

April 2024: Our paper on #SymbolicAI discussed on Reddit. | Details |

April 2024: PK Visits ROCS at IITH | Pics |

April 2024: Join us for CS7.405 poster presentation on Responsible & Safe AI Systems. Open to all! Explore cutting-edge topics like Adversarial Robustness, Bias, AGI, and more. #RAISpring2024 #AI #IIITH | Pics |

April 2024: "Preprint: Wu's Method boosts symbolic AI, rivaling Silver Medalists; AlphaGeometry outperforms Gold Medalists in IMO Geometry! #MathOlympiad" | Paper |

April 2024: ACM India Summer School on Responsible & Safe AI: Register by April 17! Learn about AI ethics, transparency, and more at IIT Madras. | Pics |

April 2024: PK Visits IIIT Kottayam, explored NLP, LLMs, & more at IIIT Kottayam's workshop with 90+ participants. | Pics |

April 2024: PK visits the #ACMIndia #EminentSpeakerProgram talk at BVRIT Hyderabad. | Pics |

April 2024: Our summer school on Responsbile and Safe AI announced. | Pics |

April 2024: Our paper "X-posing Free Speech: Examining the Impact of Moderation Relaxation on Online Social Networks" accepted at WOAH - NAACL workshop 2024. | Paper |

April 2024: Anurag University Visit - PK was the Chief Guest for the Faculty Development Programme "Deep Learning and Its Cutting-Edge Applications" (DLCEA) | Pics |

March 2024: New at ICWSM 2024: Dataset analysis on habit building, tight sampling in networks, and protest-centric community understanding. Exciting findings revealed! 📊🔍 #ICWSM2024 | Pics |

March 2024: Recent ACM India talk @ Bharati Vidyapeeth, Navi Mumbai explored AI's impact on jobs, humanity & DIY ChatGPT. Tips on finding research papers shared. | Pics |

March 2024: PK visits to Vishnu Institute of Technology ,engaged 600+ BTech students in a 3-hour AMA session on "Responsible & Safe AI" | Pics |

March 2024: PK Visits Shri Vishnu Engg College for women engaged 1000+ Students for an interactive AMA session on Responsible and Safe AI. Exciting insights shared! 🚀 #BlackSwan | Pics |

March 2024: Anmol Goel's transformative journey at Precog: from intern to PhD, shaping research with confidence and peer support. #PrecogsRock | Pics |

March 2024: "Unlearning in LLMs: TIME feature on WMDP Benchmark study showcasing Shashwat Goel's internship work. See paper, code & data. | Pics |

March 2024: PK visits BVRIT Narsapur for #LLMWorkshop with 100 students, covering topics like Transformers, Quantization, LangChain, and more.Exciting meeting with NPTEL students. | Pics |

March 2024: Our paper "Corrective Machine Unlearning" accepted at DMLR Workshop @ ICLR 2024! |

February 2024: PK visits Charotar University of Science & Technology as part of Endowment Chair Professor visit program | Pics 1 | Pics 2 | Pics 3 |

February 2024: PK Attends ROCS at IIT Bombay | Pics |

February 2024: Our papers "Multilingual Coreference Resolution in Low-resource South Asian Languages" and "SaGE: Evaluating Moral Consistency in Large Language Models" accepted at LREC-COLING 2024!| Paper 1 | Paper 2

February 2024: PK attends ACM Academic Research and Careers for Students (ARCS) event | Pics 1 | Pics 2 | Pics 3 | Pics 4 |

February 2024: PK attends ACM Pingala Interactions in Computing | Pics 1 | Pics 2 | Pics 3 | Pics 4 |

January 2024: Precog student Tejasvi joins UT Austin | Pics

January 2024: PK attends ROCS at IIT Madras | Pics

January 2024: PK attends ACM India PhD Clinic 2024 | Pics

January 2024: Precog turns 13! | Pics

December 2023: PK visits BVRIT | Pics

December 2023: PK attends workshop on Advances in Deep Learning and Applications at IIITSC | Pics

December 2023: PK visits SRMIST | Pics

December 2023: PK inaugurates ACM Student Chapter at KLUH | Pics

December 2023: PK offers Responsible AI course at IIIT Hyd for Spring 2024 | Pics

December 2023: PK gives talk on Legal Bias in LLMs | Pics

December 2023: PK interacts with students from IIT Madras | Pics

December 2023: Prof. Lydia visits IIIT Hyd, Precog | Pics


Exciting Work
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Hindi Legal Documents Corpus

HLDC: the Hindi Legal Documents Corpus (HLDC), a corpus of 900K legal documents in Hindi.

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A collection of English-Hindi code-mixed datasets from a syntactic lens

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Lockstep Behaviors on Google Play

Investigating how fraud is intertwined with labor and poses a threat

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Diagnosing Data from ICTs

A first step to a holistic qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the Digital Green as an ICT

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“A Virus Has No Religion”

“A Virus Has No Religion”: Analyzing Islamophobia on Twitter During the COVID-19 Outbreak

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KCNet: Kernel-based Canonicalization Network for entities in Recruitment Domain

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Spy The Lie

Spy The Lie: Fraudulent Jobs Detection in Recruitment Domain using Knowledge Graphs

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CoMeT: Towards Code-Mixed Translation Using Parallel Monolingual Sentences

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AbuseAnalyzer: Abuse Detection, Severity and Target Prediction for Gab Posts

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(Un)Masked COVID-19 Trends from Social Media

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Fake News Detection

Automating Fake News Detection System using Multi-level Voting Model

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SpotFake: A Multi-Modal Framework for Fake News Detection