Designing Human-Centered Systems (CSE 501)

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14 Aug Objectives of the course, Logistics of the course, aligning the expectations from both sides, introduction to Human Computer Interaction Lecture 1 Slides
17 Aug HCI approach to UI Lecture 2 Slides
21 Aug User Centred design, myths of design, Waterfall and iterative design Lecture 3 Slides
24 Aug Understand user needs, Contextual inquiry Lecture 4 Slides
28 Aug Task Analysis Lecture 5 Slides
31 Aug Prototyping Lecture 6 Slides
14 Sept High Fidelity designs, Low Fidelity designs, Constructing the model and User Test Lecture 7 Slides
18 Sept Design Patterns Lecture 8 Slides
21 Sept Fundamentals of Visual Design Lecture 9 Slides
25 Sept Fundamentals of Visual Design - Color Lecture 10 Slides
28 Sept Fundamentals of User Studies Lecture 11 Slides
23 Oct IRB, Measuring subjective User preferences Lecture 11_1 Slides
26 OCt Heuristic Evaluation Lecture 12 Slides
Guest Lectures
28 Sept Ed Curtell Microsoft
9 Oct Saurabh Srivastava IBM
12 Oct Anirudh Joshi IDC