CSE648: Privacy and Security in Online Social Media

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Prof. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru
Office hours: 1130 - 1230 hours, Tuesday (A-404)

Teaching Assistant(s)
Srishti Gupta (srishtig@iitd.ac.in)
Office Hours: 1700 - 1800 hours, Tuesday (CERC Lab 1)
Prateek Dewan (prateekd@iiitd.ac.in)
Office Hours: 1130 - 1230 hours, Friday (CERC Lab 1)

Class timings
Tuesday, 1000 - 1120 hours (C11)
Friday, 1000 - 1120hours (C11)

  • Class Activities + HWs + Quizzes: 35%
  • Midsem exam: 5%
  • Participation (class and online): 5%
  • Endsem exam: 15%
  • Project: 40%
Course overview
With increase in the usage of the Internet, there is an exponential increase in the use of online social media on the Internet. Websites like Facebook, YouTube, Orkut, Twitter, Flickr, and the likes have changed the way the Internet is being used. There is lack of understanding of privacy and security issues on online social media among the users using these online services. There is a big need to study and characterize privacy and security of online social media from various perspectives (computational, cultural, psychological, etc.).

Post conditions
  • Student will be able to appreciate various privacy and security concerns (spam, phishing, fraud nodes, identity theft) on Online Social Media
  • Student will be able to clearly articulate one concern comprehensively on one Online Social Media. This will be achieved by doing a project