Niharika Sachdeva
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I am a PhD student doing research in Usable Security and Privacy at PreCog, Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi (IIIT-Delhi). I am working with Dr Ponnurangam Kumaraguru. I completed M.Tech from IIIT Delhi, New Delhi, India in 2012. My research interests include, HCI, Privacy and building usable-secure systems.
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Research Projects
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Collaborative and Community Policing: Moving from Social Intelligence to Online Social Organisation
Police agencies across the globe are increasingly using Online Social Media (OSM) to acquire intelligence and connect with citizens. India, in recent years, experienced many events where rumors and fake content on OSM instigated communal violence. In contrast to traditional media, OSM offers velocity, variety, veracity and large volume of information. These introduce new challenges for police like platforms selection, secure usage strategy, developing trust, handling offensive comments, and security / privacy implication of information shared through OSM. Success of police initiatives on OSM to maintain law and order depends both on their understanding of OSM and citizen’s acceptance / participation on these platforms.
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Our study focuses on understanding privacy perceptions and expectations of Indian citizens. In the first phase, we conducted interviews among 20 participants and 4 focus group discussions with 31 participants, to collect qualitative data about the privacy perceptions. In the second phase, we developed a survey questionnaire to collect quantitative data. We collected responses (10,427) from various cities in India. We hope the understanding developed through the responses collected during the study, helps decision makers and technology developers in producing customizable solutions and laws for Indian users. Also, it will help us in identifying conflicting nature of users in their expectations and practices on privacy matters. As far as our knowledge goes, this is the largest ever study on privacy perceptions in India, we also believe that, this is the case around the world too.
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Developing secure interface for accessing IVR system by humans. The technique involves exploring concepts of turing tests to distinguish between humans and automate calls (which is often spam for IVRS). One such effort is to assess usability of audio CAPTCHA for IVRS
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On the Viability of CAPTCHAs for Use in Telephony Systems: A Usability Field Study Poster, APCHI 2013
ChaMAILeon: Usable email sharing like never before! Design
Poster, Security and Privacy Symposium, Kanpur, 2013
U2P2: Understanding User Privacy Perceptions Poster, Security and Privacy Symposium, Kanpur, 2013
Tech Reports
ChaMAILeon: Exploring the Usability of a Privacy Preserving Email Sharing System, June, 2013.
Dewan, P., Sachdeva, N., Gupta, M., and Kumaraguru, P.
Teaching and Talks
Teaching Assistant, IIIT-Delhi (Fall 2014)
CSE501: Designing Human-Centered System
Playful Captcha and security: Digital Film Festival and High school programming Contest at University of Alabama, USA, April 28, 2012)
Teaching Assistant, IIIT-Delhi (Fall 2012)
CSE501: Designing Human-Centered System
Teaching Assistant, IIIT-Delhi (Fall 2011)
CSE345: Foundations to Computer Security
Gave talk on privacy perception on India in annual Tech Fest at KIET,Ghaziabad