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This is Why I Love My #ProfGiri #3

Once again it is that time of the academic year when all graduating students and Research Associates are moving / moved on to the next phase in their life; starting work or grad school in India or flying off to some grad school outside India. It is super gratifying to see students achieve their goals, and more satisfying to play a role in the process.

Below is the list of students (arranged in alphabetical order of last name) who have spent significant amount of time working with me this year / last 2 years or more / who are graduating with me or I have written a Letters of Recommendation (LoRs) for their admissions / job and are now headed to great places.

  1. Divyansh Agarwal: #classof2016 B.Tech. NSIT Delhi. MS in Computational Data Science at Carnegie Mellon University
  2. Taneea S Agrawaal: #classof2018 Goldman Sachs, Bangalore, India
  3. Sarthak Ahuja: #classof2016 MS in Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University
  4. Shrey Bagroy: #classof2018 MS in CS at Carnegie Mellon University
  5. Kushagra Bhargava: #classof2016 B.Tech. BVPCoE, Delhi. MS in CS University of Southern California
  6. Gurpriya Bhatia: #classof2018 M.Tech. Tata Research Development and Design Centre (TRDDC), Pune
  7. Anam Bhatia: #classof2018 MS in HCI University of Maryland
  8. Mansi Goel: #classof2018 MS in CS University of Maryland
  9. Arpit Gogia: #classof2018 B.Tech. DTU, Delhi. IXIGO
  10. Nalin Gupta: #classof2018 MS in Data Science at Northeastern University
  11. Divam Gupta: #classof2018 Microsoft Research, India
  12. Dhruv Kuchhal: #classof2018 B.Tech. MAIT, Delhi. #PrecogIntern from summer 2017. Full time Research Associate with us.
  13. Lohit Parmar: #classof2018 Still deciding
  14. Simran Saxena: #classof2018 M.Tech. Still deciding
  15. Indira Sen: #classof2018 M.Tech. Ph.D. at GESIS, Germany 
  16. Sahar Siddiqui: #classof2018 MS in CS New York University
  17. Siddharth Singh: #classof2018 Microsoft, Hyderabad
  18. Anshuman Suri: #classof2018 Microsoft, Hyderabad

Below is a picture with most of these students. I sincerely thank each one of them for contributing towards my ProfGiri!

Here is a pointer to the blog that I wrote for 2017  and 2016 about graduating students and their next steps.

Hoping to see more and more success stories every year!

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