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It’s been about three years since my time at Precog

It’s been about three years since my time at PreCog with PK as an undergraduate intern. Looking back, it was definitely one of the highlights of my undergrad life. My undergrad thesis and the subsequent publication helped give me a first taste of social network analysis and data mining. My work at PreCog gave me a huge leg up. It opened up exciting new opportunities, first as a Research Assistant with Dr. Huan Liu at Arizona State and now, as a Data Scientist at Doximity.

Looking back, PreCog shaped me quite a bit as it was my first time at a research lab. I learnt the core aspects of how to approach and formulate a problem, critically think and implement techniques to get at it. In truth though, it would be a disservice to PreCog if I were to touch only on the technical aspects, it was an holistic experience really. Certain things, you can quantify, make an effort and explicitly learn but other elements you just pick up along the way, almost subconsciously like inculcating ownership of the problem, a certain drive and professionalism. At a certain level, my internship continues to help me even today.

PreCog is definitely moulded in the shape of PK, his qualities quite obviously translated – including that human touch. I still remember when, being the newest member at that time, I was asked to cut the cake for Precog’s first anniversary. PreCog can do that to you 🙂

Remembering the good times (pic taken in 2012)!

The best of times!
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I am a 4th year B.tech student at VIT University. Currently I am interning at Precog, IIIT-D under Prof. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru. I'm interested in security, social networks, user-generated content etc.